Workshops and Presentations Info

Even though it always makes me nervous, public speaking and workshops is one of my most favorite things. There is something really powerful about the energy in a room of stimulated hearts and minds connecting, sharing and growing together.


“Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.”

-Deepak Chopra

I sure hope Mr. Chopra is right because life (mine and others’) has taught me so much and continues to teach. Truthfully, I hope the lesson never ends…

Workshops may be pre-packaged (see below), modified or custom built specific to the needs of your event/audience/training needs.


Workshop and Presentation Rates

Rates include content modification/development of material to meet your audience/employee/workplace’s specific needs. It also includes travel to within 50km of Whitecourt, my meals and refreshments.

Half Day (1-3.75 hours)

Full Day (4-7.5 hours)



Additional Fees: May include mileage, other transportation if required (ie., airfare), accommodation, provision of materials (i.e., print handouts).

Other: The individual/agency booking the workshop presentation is required to provide the agreed upon audio/visual equipment as agreed upon and required.

I also insist that beverages/food be provided for participants. There is something about making this available for individuals that has the ability to communicate “you being here, and you being here matters to me. Welcome.”

To see a list and description of READY-To-GO Prepackaged Workshops and Presentations, click here: