The Indigo Approach

Being a youth in any culture is hard place to be…not quite an adult…definitely not a child.  While Indigo Counselling and Consulting services requires informed consent from the parent or guardian* we also insist that the youth provide agreement to services too.

Parents/guardians may be informed of the counselling approach and agreed upon goals, but may not receive information about what was shared during the counselling session.  This ensures that the youth knows that the service provided is for them and creates a safe and healing environment in which amazing therapeutic work can happen.

There are so many things happening in the life of a youth that an endless list could be created of the issues we might work on together. For the sake of naming just a few:

  • Bullying
  • Feeling angry/sad/afraid a lot
  • Dating, relationships, and sex
  • Healing trauma
  • Parent/youth relationship challenges
  • Preparing for independence
  • Exploring identity (who are you in your world and the bigger one around you?)
  • Coping with parental conflict (keeping yourself, safe, sane and centered)
  • Body image challenges
  • Many many more…

*This does not apply to mature minors or emancipated youth and determining a minor to be as such is at the discretion of the counsellor.

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