The Indigo Approach

My approach to couples counselling is about treating your relationship as the client.  The job of the counsellor is to help you identify together what kind of relationship you want to have.  We will work together to identify:

  • Your love story
  • Your relationship strengths
  • Your conflict patterns
  • Your relationship hopes and meaning
  • New ways to feel connected
  • Ideas and strategies to strengthen your teamwork (remember you are allies, not adversaries)
  • Safe and supportive ways of communicating

Couples sessions can be more productive when they occur in 90 minute sessions (instead of 60 minute sessions) though this is not mandatory.

*When you come in for couples counselling both of you agree that any contact with the counsellor is open for sharing.  Because your relationship is the client, the counsellor does not create alliances with only one individual, but rather works with you to heal and strengthen the relationship you share.


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