The Indigo Approach

Services are provided to individual adults who are experiencing distress, looking to heal some old hurts, or are in pursuit of change.  Everyone struggles sometime in their life.  Counselling can be a way of not only sharing those struggles with someone but also finding ways to overcome.  Individual sessions and service are developed together, based on you – your wants, needs, hopes, hurts.  Over the course of our work together we may:

  • Find compassion (for yourself and others)
  • Explore your past, present and future relationships with yourself and others
  • Identify your strengths (you’ve already made it this far!)
  • Identify areas you want to change, look at what’s getting in your way, and explore some strategies together of how to overcome those hurdles
  • Build in new resources that you can have with you at all times
  • Target healing of traumas
  • Find new meaning in some of the most challenging times of your life
  • Identify your values and how you can live more authentically
  • Consider forgiveness (for yourself and others)
  • Much much more….

“Life is full of struggles.  It is also full of overcoming them.” -Helen Keller

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