About Sharon

Me. At the Tablelands in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland. June 2019.

My name is Sharon Mailloux.

When I was 12 years old I wanted to be a hair dresser when I grew up.  I wanted people to feel beautiful and cared for which is how I felt at the hair salon.  But,  a month following that life path and several failed attempts to recreate the hair-shop ‘do, I found that feeling to be really short-lived and ultimately deflating.   I also realized that lasting ‘beauty’ and feelings of specialness can come from inside, we can generate them ourselves.  So I figured, if I could provide a feeling and space of caring, maybe people could begin learning how to really care for themselves, how to be kind, compassionate and loving to themselves.  I believed, and still do, if we can offer these things to ourselves (kindness, compassion, love) we will likely be a whole lot better at offering them to others.  And, cherry on top here, if we can give that to ourselves and to others, we are likely to create pretty fulfilling lives of meaning and purpose.

So here I am….offering you a place of safety…of caring…so you can find your own kindness, compassion and love.

10 Interesting (to Me) Facts About Me

  1. I would only trade this job to be a biographer; people’s stories are super fascinating and I like writing.
  2. I have worked with people in some professional capacity for about 17 years.
  3. I have kissed the Blarney Stone, even though I couldn’t actually see it because I was hanging upside down.
  4. My name means “plain,” I intend to defy that definition pretty much everyday of my life.
  5. I am a psychologist – this is the accomplishment of a life’s dream for me.  Some days it still seems surreal.
  6. Before I wanted to be a hairdresser I wanted to be a truck driver, I like to travel and sing a lot to myself on the way.
  7. I would consider a coffee shortage a significant crisis.  I will share my coffee supply with you.
  8. Sometimes life gets big, my heart feels heavy, and I want to cry but can’t.  In those times I watch Free Willy.  There’s something about it that always gets the tears started.
  9. I believe we all need help from time to time to move through the big/bad/scary/heavy things in life.  I believe that takes courage.  I believe we are all capable of being courageous.
  10. There are moments in life I would like to live again because they were so awesome and moments I’d definitely like a do-over.  Both kinds of moments have taught me valuable life lessons.


I am a registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists.

If you want to see my super sweet license when you are at the Indigo office, please just ask 🙂

Professional Counselling/Psychological Trainings

-EMDR – Level 1 and 2

-Emotionally Focussed Therapy

-Gottman Couples Therapy – Level 1 and 2

-The Terror and Triumph: How to Survive as a Group Therapist

-Ethical Record Keeping

-Trauma: Strategies to Resolve the Impact of PTSD

*And so many more.  If you are curious about any particular training I may have taken please feel free to ask.

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