About Lorelei

Lorelei Hoyt

Registered Provisional Psychologist


“Life is what happens when you are making other plans” – Allen Saunders 

If life’s other plans have left you distressed, fighting battles that seem to never end, or feeling defeated, you are not alone. If you want to find peace and joy again I want to help you make sense of your experiences and create a fulfilling life. I understand how overwhelming life can seem at times, but it can get better. You deserve a peaceful path through the world. I would be honoured to walk with you as you navigate life’s challenges to achieve your goals. I genuinely look forward to hearing your story and sharing your journey toward your best, most fulfilled self.

I have a long history working in the health sciences. This led me to a return to higher education as a mature student. I am a self confessed nerd and always curious about pretty much everything. But in particular I am fascinated by how physical and mental health intersect. My return to the University of Alberta led me through a Physical Sciences degree. Then after much soul searching I pursued a masters in counselling psychology. I am still a massive geek and the words PhD have been uttered in my home of late. So I will be continuing my educational journey. In fact if I won the lottery I would basically study random interesting subjects for the rest of my life. I’d do other things I assure you, but studying would be on the list. I just need to understand how things work and that includes how our minds shape our world. 

I work with children, adults, and couples including rural populations, Veterans, First Responders, and Health Care Professionals. My areas of interest include complex trauma and grief, emotional regulation, personality disorders and their impact on families, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and interactions between physiological and psychological health.

When I am not working I can be found in my garden or hanging with my critters and family. I am incessantly curious and always love learning new things from woodworking to music. I believe any day can be a good day if I have a chance to learn something new. So I look forward to meeting you and learning something new from you. I hope I can be your co-pilot on your journey to a peaceful, happy life. 

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Phone: (587) 850-2967